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How the Process Works

Designed to get money to the business owner fast!


When a business is ready for financing within a week or two we start the process:

- Teresa or Kasey will send the business owner an application through email, Facebook, WhatApp, LinkedIn, etc.

- The business owner completes the application and returns it with 6 months of the most current bank statement

- Teresa or Kasey will review the documents for completion and turn them into underwriting

- Underwriting will review the file and inform Teresa or Kasey of the decision

- Teresa or Kasey will let the business owner know of the decsion

- If approved, the business will be offered a contract with the maximum cash offer along with set repayment terms

- The business owner can decide to take all, some, or none of the offer

- If wanting to move forward the contract is signed and funds are distributed quickly!


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